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2015-16 Wrestling Season Information

Friday, October 2, 2015

Club Registration will start October 19th and end November 20th. Out first practice will be October 20th.  Please click on the membership link and register.  This will allow you to receive club emails. There is an online option for registration for those in other sports for registering late.  Practices are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at the high school wrestling room located on the Southwest corner of the gym.  The address is 1901 E. Albany and the gym is located on the Southwest corner of the school. Practice time will be from 6:00- 7:30. Open practice will be extended to 8:00 at a later date.  Registration fee is $115 along with a mandatory fundraiser, which will be available at sign ups. There is a buy out of $100. Only new wrestlers will need a birth certificate copy. Singlets must be ordered during registration and are $75.  These take 4-6 weeks to come in after ordering.  It is imperative to order the singlets early. Singlet design will be the same as last year. For those needing financial assistance, a fundraiser option is available for you to help pay. The school charges the Club for facility use, which is paid for with the registration and fundraisers collected.   

We will offer three levels of coaching. These are, 6 and under, Novice, and Open. We have six full size mats and two separate rooms at our facility. We have wrestlers and coaches involved in other sports right now. When all the coaches and wrestlers are in the room, we will split the practices up into the appropriate level and may adjust practice times for the more advanced wrestlers. Practice will not go past 8:00 pm. After Christmas break a Wednesday practice is usually added in preparation for State. Practice times during Christmas break and Holidays will vary on room availability. The size of our wrestling room allows us all to practice at the same facility. Novice and Open will practice separately once we have enough wrestlers and coaches in the room.

Wrestling shoes are required on the mat and can be purchased at any local sporting goods store. Street shoes should be worn to practice and change into wrestling shoes inside the room. Wrestling shoes are not to be worn outside! Shorts without a zipper or buttons along with a T-shirt is the recommended attire for practice. Socks and bare feet are not acceptable for practice.      

There are two tournament sanctioning organizations in Oklahoma this year.  Our Club will be attending USAWrestling sanctioned tournaments.  There is a USA card required for wrestlers.  There are two options to pick from.  One cost $15.00 and is only for the Winter/Folkstyle season and can only be used for tournaments in Oklahoma. The other cost $35.00 and can be used for all styles of wrestling this year, which is from August of 2015- July of 2016.  This can also be used for tournaments attended out of state.  Last year our club attended three out of state tournaments.  They were located in Seneca Missouri, Springdale Arkansas, and Ft. Worth Texas.  

If your wrestler chooses to attend OKWA tournaments, there will be an one time additional registration fee of $10.00.

The fees for the cards is a mandatory insurance policy that USA Wrestling requires.  The $10.00 additional registration fee for OKWA is to be placed on a required roster and their mandatory insurance policy.  The club will be attending USA tournaments and only the USA card will be required for purchase.  The OKWA is optional.  

Our first tournament is in November. Once that is confirmed a notice will go out and be posted. There will be a tournament available for most to attend every weekend after that. The last tournament is usually the second weekend in February. This is subject to change and once all the information is confirmed it will be posted on the tournament page.

There is a youth wrestling guide available on this site. Please take the time to read it. This will help most understand what to expect, especially if you are new to the sport.   

If you have any questions or interested in helping coach or volunteering, please send me an email to  or contact me at 918-230-1672  

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